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About Me

I'd like to introduce myself. It's been way to long but here it is.

Welcome to Stitch'd by India Yasmein. Fun. Flirty. Fashionable. & Handmade Knitwear and Patterns.

What started as a college hobby has turned into a passion and a true love of creating something out of string! 

I've been dabbling in this creative space since college when I first learned from another study abroad student and then   went full in two years ago upon my return from living in Brasil for 4years. That experience truly changed my life. I learned so much about myself and my craft from my experience there. Not to mention the Portuguese. 

I was first introduced to knitting while studying abroad in London at the University of Westminster. One of the other students, Karen, put a night out  full of music laughter and a few cocktails to go home and work on a shawl she was making for her mom, whom was visiting her soon so she had to finish! And this I had to see, so on to the double decker bus we all went. And of course once I saw here shawl and watched her work on it at 3 in the morning I had to learn, Please teach me now. Well not exactly right now but tomorrow. And so the next day after classes we went to the center of the city to a store that sold yarn and supplies to purchase my first ball of yarn and circular knitting needles. My first project was a scarf that I didn't buy enough yarn for because of course back then I had no idea the quantity I would need to purchase for the project. I still have it to this day, tucked up under or in a bin somewhere! I promise to show you all when I find it!


After that I was hooked I was making things all the time. And of course giving them as gifts to friends and family. Shorty after friends and family were encouraging me to start to sell my pieces! I was complimented about the quality of my pieces and the style and I knew I would be making things for the rest of my life so why not turn my passion into my reality and opened up an Etsy account.

I didn't put to much effort into it. I loaded a few products and sold few items but I didn't nurture like I could have. Then I moved to Brasil with the love of my life or so I thought. And that entire experience changed my entire life. I learned and I loved then I loved and I learned and fell even more in love with knitting and crocheting. Crocheting in particular in Brasil. That's where i draw a lot of inspiration for my summer peices.


Then I decided to do fairs and markets to get my pieces out in front of potential customers and booked Bustcraftacular. I had a few months to prepare and as I was in Brasil at the time I had a bunch of little things to plan. But booking that BustCraftacular was the turning point for me. It really opened my eyes to how much I love making and seeing people wearing my pieces and all the positive feedback that I received that day was such an amazing feeling for me personally as well as for my business. I never looked back, I've been building ever since and I am so happy that curiosity that I showed in college turned into my passion and know I am working on making my passion my reality.

Now it's been three years and I am so excited to see where this adventure takes me!