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Go LIVE . . . with The Brass Owl!

You can take the girl out of the Bronx but you can't take the Bronx out of the girl. Or NYC for that matter. I maybe in a dfferent state but I will always be a New Yorker and Having pieces of Stitch'D Factory in the city really makes me feel like I've made it.

Astoria Queens is no different, always a home away from a home. And now you can find a little bit of Stitch'D in Astoria. The Brass Owl is currently carrying Cozy Stitch'D Factory winter pieces. From beanies  and drawstring cowls to even a few scarves and of course they are all hand made by me. Ranging in the the perfect array of Neutral colors . . . black ( a New Yorkers classic) at the head of the list!

As well as DIY City Lights Scrunchie kits, which consist of all you need to make super soft and sensory friendly velvet scrunchies!!!

And it doesn't end there I just did an Instagram Live with TBO called meet the artist. Check out what we chatted about below.


Meet the artist IG Live

  1. How did you get started with knitting/crochet? Tell us a little more about your time in London.


I was first introduced to knitting while studying abroad in London at the University of Westminster. Out in a club at 2am one of my friends, Karen, told me she needed to go back to the dorm to work on a shawl she was making for her mom, whom was visiting her soon so she had to finish! I laughter hella hard and told her to have another drink cause they were playing my song, she said she wasn't kidding and she really wanted to head back to finish. So of course this I had to see, so on to the double decker bus we all went all like 12 of us. When we got back we all headed to her room to see what exactly brought us back early and of course once I saw her hold up this beautiful red lace shawl I was HOOKED and watched her work on it at 3 in the morning, I had to learn, Please teach me now.

Well not exactly right now but tomorrow. And so the next day after classes we went to a department store in London that sold yarn and supplies to purchase my first ball of yarn and circular knitting needles and it wasn't just me, there was a group of like 5 of us that were down to learn. My first project was a scarf that I didn't buy enough yarn for because of course back then I had no idea the quantity I would need to purchase for a project. I still have it to this day, tucked up under or in a bin somewhere! I promise to show you all when I find it! It might be in storage.

From that day on I was kinda obsessed and wanted to learn as much as possible and was ready to learn to make a beanie, so Karen wrote a simple and really easy beanie pattern for me to follow on notebook paper and I still have that too, believe it or not. I am kinda a sap that way always keeping little momentos.

I started giving my pieces as gifts to friends and family. Shorty after friends and family were encouraging me to start to sell my pieces! I was complimented about the quality of my pieces and the style and I knew I would be making things for the rest of my life so why not turn my passion into my reality.


To see the rest of the questions Nicole asked me in her Meet the Artist interview on Instagram, head over to see my answers! And she shares a 20% off coupon code in the live so keep a look out for that, then check out The Brass Owl!

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