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Stitch'D Factory x TNTP . . . Beginner Crochet Beanie Pattern

It finally happened . . . Marisa from The Neon Tea Party and I have got together to bring you a Crochet beanie pattern for beginners. I brought the pattern making and TNTP brought the Omegacryl, a unique and vibrant yarn from Mexico. And if you haven't worked with this yarn this may be the perfect project to get you started.

A crochet pattern for beginners and enthusiast alike. It can be a little daunting to try a new skill and to stick to it when your not as good as you think you should be. But rest assured I've made a simple and easy damn near fail proof pattern for beginners.

It has the the techniques of a beginners pattern with a little twist. Because you always have to add a little spice. It gives the pattern a little texture without a whole lot of effort and in the end your project looks like a pro made it.

And you know I wouldn't leave you all high and dry. I've been working on list of Tutorials you can read and watch to help you get started or just to brush up on your skills! So stay tuned for that. 



Read The Blog I wrote for TNTP below.


Who Am I? I’m India Yasmein, creator, designer and maker behind Stitch’D Factory, soon to be Stitch’d  by India Yasmein. My business is based out of Brooklyn but with everything going on this last year I’ve had to make a few moves that look like they may be permanent, I’ll let you all know when I figure it out!  I am a knitter and crocheter of things . . . all things, for both winter accessories and summer wears. In addition to getting into the pattern game, I’ve always made my own patterns in my head, now I’ve begun to share them with the world. So that  you all, the world, can make and enjoy my pieces! There you can find made to order, ready made as well as my patterns. Check out my website at and follow me on Instagram to keep up with Stitch’D. 


Which leads to the hype-ness of today, I am so excited to introduce The High Line Beanie. A simple and easy to follow pattern especially made for beginners. It works up rather quickly so you can see all your hard work pretty quickly and then you can show all your friends how unbelievably talented you are! Yes I said it, and looking at this beanie and all it’s texture everyone will think it was made by a pro! I welcome all first timers and those who have always wanted to give crochet a try . . . The HighLine Beanie  is the perfect first crochet project. And the cherry on top, I just wrapped up a set of beginner tutorials for TNTP that will help guide you along your new crochet learning adventure. (check out the link below) All you need is the pattern, a crochet hook, your yarn and a pair of scissors and you're ready to take the The High Line Beanie on. 


And if you are a little more advanced and want to try different yarns to spice it up GO FOR IT,  just be sure to check your gauge before starting your project, and if your not sure how to check gauge or don’t know what gauge is you can find all the answers to those questions in the  tutorials, the step by step instructions are a great tool to have when beginning and brushing up on your skills.  


For this project I used Omegacryl yarn (7 balls) to bring to life honestly one of my most favorite beanies of all time. It is so fun and colorful, I get so many compliments when I wear my HighLine Beanie. Omegacryl is a beautiful Mexican yarn that I was introduced to a few years back and I’ve been a little obsessed. But can you really blame me, I mean look at that color way!


Winter may be coming to an end, or so it’s supposed to be I don’t know with all these end of  season winter storms but learning this beanie pattern is perfect timing to keep you cozy the last few weeks of winter. And depending on the type of yarn you use you may be able to bring it into your spring wardrobe. OK I may be pushing it with the spring wardrobe but what can I say I love rocking my Stitch’D!

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