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Stitch'd by India Yasmein

So if you haven't heard Stitch'd Factory is gone and Stitch'd by India Yasmein is alive and well.

I have been thinking about renaming my business for a while. I once sat with VP who brought it to my attention that I am not a Factory. I am a one woman show making the magic behind Stitch'd. But I was scared to change it while I was still trying to find my footing and I had already put so much into the name. I didn't want to loose what I had created so far, in my marketing material, and collateral. But as time passed it seemed more and more necessary. I wasn't connected to my brand the way I should and wanted to be. It was me but it was missing something and I needed a change. And then one day I was talking to another small woman business owner friend and she told me about Kristen Poissant. And I thought to my self it's the beginning of the year maybe this is my time. We had a conversation and the vibe was just there. So I decided to move forward and as our work began it was evident that this was exactly what I was suppose to be doing.

As the weeks pasted by and she sent more and more elements of my rebranding I felt more and more at ease with the direction and the choice that I had made. And I don't know about y'all but I am a religious person and like a week before the launch of the rebranding I  scrolling through IG and came across a LIVE Bible study and the topic was "It's your time to rebuild" and that was it for me. It solidified everything that I had been thinking and going through for the last few months and stamped the process I was currently in as the the direction the Lord intended for me to take. I was without words and that doesn't happen often.

So here I am a few days after the launch of the rebrand and in the thick of refocusing all my initiatives to refocus with the new brand direction and lifestyle of my new brand and I couldn't be more over whelmed or more excited. I am so much to do and I want to get all the details right that I have to sit back and calm myself as not to miss it. Miss going from tool to tool and cementing the new brand and it's elements to show myself more in my work.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me in the past, currently supports, and who wants to stick around to see what I do in the future. This is going to be an amazing ride to an even better place and I am excited to take you all along for the ride.


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