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Mask Up . . . Yes again!

Technically it's been fall for weeks but these last few days have me thinking that we are really in it now. But of course this fall is like no other we've ever had. And ever news station keeps telling us we are heading back into some Covid-19 case peaks. So logically I bought the largest pack of tissue that i could find at Walmart. And it was comforting for all of thirty seconds before I realized the magnitude of spending another 6 months getting glammed up to hang out in the living room because I'm using my bedroom as my  office until I have the chance to move.


We as a society need to care more about our neighbors and the individuals living within our communities.  And to be quite honest I am tired of having to ask grown adults to wear mask. Knowing exactly what it means to so many people, especially in crowded places, Put your damn mask on. Even if it doesn't directly effect you, it is a completely selfish act to not wear the mask in public places like stores or even to just be in peoples individual spaces.


I don't leave the house without a mask as well as a back up mask in my bag and making them doesn't hurt, I have ample supply and I am not playing those games.



I'm praying for this country and it's citizens. We need it!

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