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Black History Month

When most Americans think of February they think of Valentines day, hearts and cards and lots of candy. Maybe even a little bit of romance if you have a significant other and your both into that. But for Black Americans that's not it at all, it's not just about the candy, it's Black History Month!


For us every month is Black History Month but in February its celebrated as a National Holiday. Reminding the rest of the country the trials and tribulations as well as the accomplishments and the MANY MANY contributions we have made to making this country into what it is today. I learn so much more about my heritage and the contributions of Black Americans during this month then I ever have in school. Which is a whole other post because that is definately something that is missing from the education system. If we taught our kids better they could all be better, and that's not on our amazingly dedicated teachers it's on the government and their regulations and standards. ANYWAY!


Being a Black Knitter and Crocheter has been an interesting ride. When I first started I never really saw Black people represented. As many of you know a college friend of mine taught me how to knit when I was studying abroad in London, and yes she is a women of color, but when I taught myself to crochet I didn't find much subject matter that had people in it that look like me and it is sad to say but oh so true. Furthermore I was use to that being the case when I researched a particular topic. I mean even when my search bar read Black knitters it was scarce and eventually just had black yarn or projects that used black yarn. Insert WTF emoji. I can gladly say we are in a better place then back then but back then wasn't very long ago and we are no where near where we should or could be if everyone took a concious effort to do and be better.


I am making it a priority to discover and become more aware of Black and women of color fiber artist and makers. Using them to draw inspiration for my upcoming projects. And hopefully I'll be able to teach and share some of the things that I learn with others and I hope that inspires them to make more or even just to enjoy this type of artistry and the fiber world!.


And in celebration of Black History Month you'll find 15% off all purchases that are $55 or more!


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